Why Good Poker Players Become Forex Millionaires

Why Good Poker Players Become Forex Millionaires – It is a fact that many of the world’s leading traders are good or visiting poker players from poker to Forex and the reason they are so good at Forex trading is that poker skills are very applicable to trading and you can learn for a long time. ..

It’s a fact that poker players tend to be much better traders than nerds or nerds, and that’s because they see Forex for what it is – a high stakes game where a simple process painstakingly applied is stronger than complicated.

Why Good Poker Players Become Forex Millionaires

Let’s take a look at the main places where you can apply your poker skills in negotiations.

1. Forex and Poker are games of chance, not certainty.

Many track hidden orders for price mobilization and come up with complex theories that they think can work, but they destroy the brutal world of trading, because prices only move to opportunity and not to certainty and that means wait for opportunity and high suffering. loss. and keep them small until a high chance arises. Paito Warna

2. Responsibility for actions and beliefs

Many traders try to follow others or buy robots and think they can make easy money. A good poker player, however, understands that while sitting at the table, he is responsible for the outcome and no one can help him. He was confident in what he was doing because he had learned all the necessary skills and wasn’t dependent on anyone but himself.

3. Discipline and Money Management

Most traders can’t afford to suffer losses and keep them small and can’t afford to trade with discipline, but you have to manage losses painstakingly to make long term profits in both Forex and poker.

A good poker player folds, folds and loses happily because he understands he has to protect against losses and wait for the right opportunity. He has faith that a high opportunity can come his way, he just has to keep his chips up until the time is right. data keluaran togel

4. Courage and confidence and the size of the bet

Most traders, especially when they get a big trend, are not able to make the most of it. They bet so little and make a profit that they are unsure of what they are doing and the courage to bet high. Poker players, on the other hand, can bet high and have the courage to look through the hand and make the most of it. lomba vegas group

5. Focus on making money by not being smart

In Forex trading, you are not judged by how smart you are and how hard you work, you are judged by the profit you make and that’s all. If you want to be smart, do something else. Forex trading is a combination of simple methods applied with confidence and painstaking with the aim of making money.

Confidence, Courage and Discipline = Success

When a poker player sits down, he is willing to win, he has no ego and suffers his losses and understands that they must be kept forever small – he has to lose to win and he understands he has the courage to hit high chance hands and maximize your wins. All of these features come together to see a large number of poker players appear to be super traders.

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