Types of Sicbo bets and important terms in them

Types of Sicbo bets and important terms in them – For fans of online casinos, of course, you are already familiar with the game Sicbo. Because this type of game looks simple at first, but apparently not everyone can play it easily! Sicbo itself is a guessing game with 3 dice numbers that are placed in a tightly closed area. So of course you need a sharp instinct to be able to guess the number of dice that comes out. From here later the dealer or dealer will shuffle the dice available in the container. After that you will be given the opportunity/temporary to choose the numbers that appear based on your feelings and instincts. pengeluaran hongkong.

So try to hone your feelings well in order to get the numbers that match the dice. What is certain is that one table can generally be played by many people to make it more unique and interesting!

Types of Sicbo bets and important terms in them

Although it looks simple, it turns out that there are many variants of this online sicbo game available. You can try various kinds of Sicbo games according to your abilities. Some of them we will discuss in full regarding the various types of online Sicbo bets below:

– Big Small Bet – If you choose this type of bet, you need to be able to guess between the big and small dice numbers. The odds for this bet are 1:1. The small numbers are 4 to 10. While the big numbers include 11 to 17. Then, numbers 3 and 18 are the dealer’s, so if you see that number, the winner is the dealer himself.

– Odd Even Bet – This type of sicbo bet allows you to guess odd and even numbers. The number of profits or odds is calculated at 1:1 because the bet is easy.

– Guess the Dice Result – For this one sicbo bet you need to guess the overall result of the 3 dice that are issued on the betting table.

– Generally, the number that appears is one between values ​​4 to 17. The calculation of the profit varies depending on how many numbers will be issued in this game.

– Bet 2 Dice Numbers – Same as the name suggests. So you need to choose 2 dice numbers and if it’s true the amount of profit you will get is 5x the value of your bet.

– Bet 1 Dice Number – This type of bet you are only asked to guess 1 dice number only. So much easier!

– Twins – In this sicbo bet, you are asked to guess one of the twin numbers that will be issued by 3 dice numbers. If you succeed in guessing correctly, the profit is 8x the value of your bet.

– Triplets – As the name implies, you are asked to guess 1 number of similar  value from the 3 dice that are issued. If you succeed in guessing correctly, the value of the profit obtained is 150 times the nominal amount of your bet. live china.

Terms in Sicbo Online Games

If at first it was discussed about the various Sicbo games, it’s time to discuss the terms. Because in this sic bo game it consists of more than one particular meaning which has different meanings. For the meaning of the rules, it means the provisions in the game of sicbo. If you see the balance menu, it means your remaining account balance. If you want to place a bet at the betting table, just choose the bet menu. The chip menu is a betting tool and exit is the meaning used if you want to be seen from the game. lomba vegas group.

Furthermore, if you want to confirm the bet number, please select confirm and if you want to repeat the bet value again, please select repeat. Then the word win is to see the total number that has been successfully won, while clear last is a menu for those of you who want to cancel the last bet. That’s a little explanation regarding the online Sicbo game.

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