The Key To Bluff Poker

The Key To Bluff Poker – Poker is a game that combines math skills, luck and deception. Learning how to bluff is an integral part of every poker player’s game. Below we’ve put together tips on bluffing, slow play, and tips for semi-bluffing. Data Sydney

Bluffing is really just an option in no-limit Texas Hold’em because in the no-limit game, all of your chip stacks are at risk in every hand and this makes bluffing an effective weapon. In limit play, the risk is minimal because you can’t afford to lose it all in one hand, so bluffing loses most of its potential.

The Key To Bluff Poker

The key to bluffing is making the bluff trustworthy and selecting the right players to target with the scam. A bluff will be difficult to make when you are playing a game with a maniac who calls and raises every hand. This type of player tends to call any bet and that’s what you don’t want to happen. Try bluffing tight players at the table, these players are the ones who only play the upper hand.

If you are one of the last players to act at the table then this is a good time to bluff, as you will get the opportunity to see what other players are doing before you have to act. It’s not advisable to try and bluff more than one or two players at the same time because unless there are 3 or more players in the hand, most likely one of them holds a card good enough to call you. Data Hongkong

Remember the size of your bet is the key to running a scam. If the bet is really big you will send your bluff because a strong hand wants to be called, bet very small and you will make it very easy for the opponent to call.

It’s a great feeling when you manage to execute a big bluff but don’t fall into the trap of trying to bluff too often, save your bluffs when they are most profitable.


The normal situation for using a bluff is when you are holding a card that has no realistic chance of winning the hand. So you bet in hopes of forcing other players to fold and you can pool the pot without revealing your weak cards.

Semi-bluffs are slightly different from regular bluffs. The difference between a semi bluff and a regular bluff is the strength of the cards you hold. Usually in out and out bluffs you will hold cards like 7/2 off suit, but semi-bluffs might see you holding cards like 8/9 suits. Now 8/9 suits is not a great starting hand but offers a good number of outs. Even if your bluff is called, you can still get a straight draw or flush draw.

When holding a hand like a matched 8/9 you may experience a flop which gives you two other cards of a match and still leaves one card to cause your flush, this is a good temporary bluff. You still don’t have a hand, but big bets can see you taking the pot before it’s your turn. If the worst goes and you are called, you still have two table cards to try and confiscate the last matched card to complete your flush.

Slow Game

When you bluff, you try to cause other players to believe you have a stronger hand than you actually play and when you play Slow, you do the opposite. By playing slow, you are trying to convince other players that your hand is weaker than it really is. By doing this, you are asking other players to bet more into the pot than if you come out with a big bet that might scare them off.

Slow play should only be used when you have an undefeated hand such as a full house or a flush or the highest straight. When you hold an unbeaten hand after the flop, you don’t want to scare anyone away from the action. You must wait for the turn plus river card before placing a big bet. Let other players commit to the fight.

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