Terms Used in Online Poker Gambling Games

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Terms Used in Online Poker Gambling Games – The desire of all online gambling bettors, of course, is to win the bet. But for all novice players, let alone winning, sometimes realizing the way the game is just a bit difficult. Because you don’t have the habit of playing, you get confused when playing online poker gambling. Of course this can affect in winning the game. data china hari ini.

If you are confused by the various terms that exist, don’t worry, we have a list of important meanings that are often used in online IDN Poker games. You don’t have to memorize it right now, you will have a habit after playing online poker often. But of course it’s easier if we have a cheatsheet or dictionary of meanings commonly used in poker games. result togel.

Terms Used in Online Poker Gambling Games


The word bet is an English word which means bet. The bet can be in the form of money or chips representing the currency.


A pot is an area where all bets in the form of money or chips are collected. This pot will be awarded entirely to the winner of the bet.


The word Call refers to the action of participating in a bet with the minimum bet required to continue the game.


If on your turn you are not required to bet again, then you can choose to run a check. This means you are not re-betting and want to give additional decisions for the next player.


When you find that your cards are too bad to be able to fight other players, it’s a good idea to run the flop to avoid bigger losses. The flop is where you give up and don’t continue the game.


This is an action to increase the bet quantity more than the current minimum bet. When you increase or increase the amount of bets, all other players must also add their bets according to what you add to continue their game. master togel.


The word blind refers to the condition that the two players to the left of the dealer must place a bet before the cards are dealt. Because they bet without realizing their cards, they are called blind bets.

Small Blind

For players who are right on the left side of the dealer must issue a small blind. The player in the small blind position will issue the first bet in the game.

Big Blind

As for the big blind, the value is often determined or equal to twice that of the small blind. The player who runs the big blind is the player sitting to the left of the small blind player or the 2nd player to the left of the dealer.


Usually before starting the game all players are required to make a small initial bet called the ante. This is done so that in the next game a pot has a meaningful value for the player.


This bet is where a player bets all of his money or all of his chips into the pot.

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