STOCK TRADING LIKE GAMBLING – I have been trading stocks as a hobby for a long time. However, it wasn’t until I started trading penny stocks that I made enough profit that I could easily appear to be from my main income activity and trading stocks to make a living. I realize what we were thinking… he did, right? Read consistently and I can give you notice.

Recently I read some online writings on various websites indicating that penny stock trading is like gambling. As an active and truly successful stock trader, this kind of statement annoys me because it is not true for most traders who trade otcbb and pinksheets. In fact, apart from that, I don’t really enjoy any type of gambling because I enjoy making a lot more money than losing it. I don’t particularly like going to casinos, although playing poker can be fun because at least there are a few tricks to it.


This is not to imply that there aren’t some merchants out there who actually trade penny stocks in the same random fashion as the levers on a slot machine or rolling the dice while drunk in Las Vegas. However, they are a lot of newbies in the stock market and they quickly run out of steam. forum prediksi togel

Investors who actually want to make money with penny stocks soon learn the strategies that allow them to do so and they quickly learn that they can make a lot more money with stocks that trade at less than $5 per share than they could. trade traditional stocks that trade for over $5 per share and have a much larger market cap and total net worth. I just tracked the ones on the verge of crashing and once I made a big profit I sold a lot and locked my dividends. I’m not a daytrader but I’m classified as not

I also want to be completely honest with you. Penny stocks are famous for engaging in scams in which unscrupulous individuals manipulate prices by promoting certain penny stocks in ways that are not sufficiently honest or ethical. You may have heard of “pump and dump” scams and it is absolutely certain that whatever method we use to trade these stocks is so that you can avoid this type of scam. live draw sdy

There are many of you who make really good dividends by trading penny stocks consistently. We’ve studied methods to minimize risk and avoid fraud. We’ve also studied how to find the top 1% of these stocks and when to trade them to maximize profits.

There are successful traders like Peter Leeds who research penny stocks in the same way “fundamental analysis” is used for stocks that trade at much higher prices and have much larger market caps. For me personally, I’ve found that this assumed style doesn’t work well for the majority of penny stocks. However, it has worked for some of them and for the times when it works, this way it certainly cannot be perceived as gambling by anyone who is aware of the stock market. bandar togel online

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