Secrets of playing Dragon Tiger Casino Gambling

Secrets of playing Dragon Tiger Casino Gambling – Dragon tiger online casino is one of the online gambling games on the best online gambling sites. Dragon tiger online casino gambling game is a game that is quite popular among Indonesian bettors. You can play the game by choosing three positions such as dragon, tie, and tiger.

In the dragon tiger casino gambling game, the K card is the card with the highest value. As for the aces the value is low. The order of card values ​​in this online gambling game is AS/A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, and K. If the position of the dragon or tiger wins the bet, then commissions that can be earned in full or can be deducted 3% to 6%. As for the tie or tie position, which is deducted by the value of half of the results or 50%. Then the remaining bets placed on the betting table can be returned to the player.

Secrets of playing Dragon Tiger Casino Gambling

Dragon tiger online casino gambling is not much different from other online gambling games. That is contained procedures and rules of the game that must be obeyed by the players. The rules and regulations that you should know are that the card is thrown into each new shoe. Then after the first card has been exposed, then the card that can be discarded matches the first card. For example, cards J, Q, and K the value of the card is 10. If you make a mistake at the beginning of the game and don’t affect it, then you can still make corrections. If you experience the following, the results obtained are the opposite. The game can be canceled, in other words, the bet capital cannot be replaced.

Casino tiger gambling also knows the meaning of a burn card or discarded card. For example, you must eliminate one card before taking over the next card. Mistakes often occur in players who make mistakes while eliminating cards that can cause cancellations to get the next card. But if the following errors do not affect the course of the game, then bets can be continued forever despite corrections. This is also in accordance with the regulations and the authority to cancel the card you take.

  • In this online casino gambling there is a selection of winners, as follows.
  • The dragon bet wins, the result is one time of the invested capital.
  • Tiger’s position wins, then the results obtained are one times the capital that is installed.
  • If you use a tie, but the results of the dragon and tiger are in a draw, then you can win with a fee of eight times.
  • If the tie (tie), the number of bets on the dragon or tiger position is cut by 50%.
  • That’s the explanation that we can convey about the technicalities of playing dragon tiger gambling on the best online gambling sites. Thank you and receive love.

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