Roulette in detail

Roulette in detail – I’ve covered the basics of roulette in previous articles, but in this article I can talk more about the odds and the right percentage of winning with roulette.

When it comes to the roulette wheel and the odds of winning, most people simply calculate their winning percentage without taking into account zero (or zero like American roulette). While it may seem like just a small factor, it makes a huge difference in the long run, which casinos rely on to make money.

Let’s take for example if you place a bet on red, which can cover 1/2 of all the standard numbers on the board. If we don’t take zero into account, your chance is 50% of winning or losing. The law of averages suggests that you must win 1 out of every 2 spins, or 50 out of every hundred.

Roulette in detail

But when we factor in zero, the odds feel like it changes more.

To calculate the casino average from zero, we take 100 (which represents 100%) and divide it by 37 (the number of slots on the roulette wheel is also zero). This gives us a 2.7, which means the ball’s chance of hitting zero (or any other single number for that matter) is 2.7%. Data Sgp

This doesn’t sound like much right now, but in the long run that’s in the casino’s favor and this is what we can see next.

So we can bet on red reset and check it again. But this time instead of having a 50% chance of winning, we had to factor in the 2.7% advantage that the casino had with the zero slot. We did this together by subtracting 2.7% from 100% and remaining 97.3%. Now that we have a real chance of the ball landing in one of the colored spaces, we can divide that by two to give us a real chance of the ball landing in the red slot, which gives us a figure of 48.65%. Data Bullseye

So like before you had a 50% chance to win or lose, now you only have a 48.65% chance to win and a 51.35% chance to lose.

To show you what this means in the long run, let’s say someone bets 10,000 times in a row on the roulette wheel and bets $1 each time on the red, they can only win 4,865 this time, and the casino can take their money 5,135 times, meaning no matter where they bet, the casino can stay ahead. It still has an advantage, which is called the casino’s ‘house edge’.

I just mentioned this along with a simple red or black bet, but the odds are in the casino’s favor no matter where you look at it. It is a lingering fact that causes cash machine casinos, cables only to take money from people and not give it away.

Of course it’s possible to have luck, but mostly that’s the case; luck. There are very few ways out there that don’t involve cheating to give you an edge over the casinos and when you do find them, it’s mostly a very closely guarded secret.

David Morris is an experienced gambler who has spent years in real world and online casinos. Click the link for some information about the GUARANTEED ROULETTE USE PROGRAM.

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