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Playtech Releases The Money Drop Live Dealer Game

Playtech Releases The Money Drop Live Dealer Game

Playtech Releases The Money Drop Live Dealer Game – There is no suspicion in our thinking that games like TV shows are the new big thing from live casino games. Live casinos use the famous Wheel of Fortune format that is currently popular. Software providers are consistently trying to find new ways to bring the Money Wheel to gamers, and Playtech recently seized the idea from the hit TV game show The Million Pound Drop TV in the UK. The latest Playtech The Money Drop live dealer game is now available at online casinos worldwide.

Playtech already has a mainstay Money Wheel game called Adventures Beyond Wonderland. It’s a pretty unique game, so they have to do something completely different to get noticed. On paper, it looks like they’ve already done that – The Million Pound Drop is a “reverse” game show, so to speak. live draw china.

Playtech Releases The Money Drop Live Dealer Game

Let’s explain. Unlike most shows of its kind, players in Drop are rewarded with cash from the start. The objective of the game is to try and keep the money as long as possible.

Even though Playtech is partnering with Banijat Brands, the original brand holder, this mechanic doesn’t translate completely. The premier live dealer cash wheel comes out like most others in this genre, with the multiplier going up to 5,000x. However, if you bring the impact multiplier higher than 8x, the Drop Zones feature can be started. This is where the Money Drop live casino game is similar to its name.


Once you get your multiplier, the money is not “yours”. Not yet, at least. Instead, you place these wins in 4 Drop Zones, one of which can randomly deposit money. This lasts for two rounds. Fortunately, you are able to divide the pot into all four zones, which can take a toll. However, it can be smaller than if you took the decision to bet 25%. data togel.

There are a number of other features that add even more fun to this already engaging gameplay. If you want to try and keep your money on The Money Drop by Playtech, you can find some of the best online casinos that are supported by Playtech. data hongkong.

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