Opening an Online Gambling Industry in France

Opening an Online Gambling Industry in France – The online gambling scene in France is on the verge of irreversible change with the imminent entry into force of new laws inspired by such success as the UK and other European countries. This remains a very untapped potential for online chicken gambling operators. Market liberalization, hitherto controlled by the state-owned monopoly Française des Jeux, is under intense scrutiny from the European Commission at similar times to prepare for the fast-paced online gambling environment. a world in which operators have been actively offering an ever-expanding selection of games of chance to willing French customers.

In this article I will try to discuss the main points of the emerging French Gaming Act (which still needs to be finalized) and look at its feasibility with respect to tax and licensing regimes and how it might influence foreign entrants to the market.

Opening an Online Gambling Industry in France

For the sake of consumers, an essential element of this law is to prevent addiction by ensuring limits on bets and wins that can be placed or received by punters. With this in mind, operators should include a warning regarding underage play and the potential risks of over-gambling. Prediksi Togel Colombia

Market openings can include horse racing and sports betting and collective skill games, which involve a player’s ability to increase his odds by adopting specific tricks in relation to their opponents – such as online poker. Therefore, lotteries, online slot machines, betting exchanges, and casino games involving bank games (blackjack and roulette for example) may be excluded from opening as they are considered highly addictive.

A new independent public authority, ARJEL (Gaming Regulatory Authority) could be created specifically to suit the remote gambling market, which is responsible for:

· Ensure compliance with policy objects regarding games that can be accessed via the internet.

· Suggest to the government specific criteria for the various licensing models available.

· Prepare and link online gambling operator license applications.

· Monitor online operations and eradicate illegal and fraudulent gambling websites.

ARJEL can be empowered to block access to the following web by direct orders to Internet Service Providers and block such financial transactions.

· Establish audit provisions regarding technical and financial knowledge for each transaction.

· Provide direction to the Government regarding legislative and regulatory issues.

· All operators must provide additional information and guarantees regarding their identification, gambling experience, share ownership, confiscation measures to prevent fraud and money laundering, secure online payments, and protection of data and minors.

· Licenses can be granted to operators in EU Member States or the ECC. Any of those whose headquarters or shareholders are based in so-called non-cooperative tax havens may be denied a license to offer their services in France.

· Online gambling websites must be accessible via a first-level domain name ending in “.fr”.

· The mirror server, based in France, can contain all the information regarding gambling and exchange activities between players and operators.

· The license may be granted for a period of five years. which is renewable and non-transferable.

· Tax rates may be based on the amount wagered by the player, matching the following:

  • 8.5% – Sports betting
  • 15.5% – Horse racing bet
  • 2% – Poker online

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