Online Poker Drop

Online Poker Drop – There is no suspicion that compared with 2 or 3 years. ago online poker experienced a decline. Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act th. 2006 passed by the Act of Congress by the American government was the beginning of the decline as many US citizens were unable to keep playing online. Many poker sites and networks have been shut down or swallowed up by other networks.

Online Poker Drop

Some poker networks though have prospered due to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act with the Ipoker network being a major example. Many of the smaller European poker sites knew right away that they couldn’t survive without their American players and went from a dying network to Ipoker. Ipoker has grown in recent years. last from one of the smaller networks to the 3rd largest network with mostly just under 10,000 cash players at peak times in Europe. Data Bullseye

Other networks like Poker Stars and Full Tilt continue to allow Americans to play and have grown to become the biggest network list in 2 years. final. Poker Stars had an incredible 37,000 cash players at peak times while Full Tilt had 16,000.

Two of the biggest poker networks before the action are currently in serious decline. Paradise Poker which used to attract tens of thousands of cash players each day is now a member of the Boss network along with several other poker sites which only attracted 3400 cash players at peak times. Party Poker traffic has also dropped drastically and they only pulled in 8000 at peak times.

The future doesn’t look bright for the small network and Crypto Logic and Boss have announced that they will be joining forces at the beginning of the year. 2009 which to many seems like an odd decision as they will still be a relatively small network and the Boss software is not very popular with poker players. The Merge Network has struggled to establish itself and is still only attracting 300 or so cash players at peak times. Reports from players indicate that Bodog has had problems with player cash and despite heavy promotions, Bodog has not been as successful as many think. Data Sgp

Two of the smaller networks that appear to be established are Betfair and PKR. Betfair was primarily a betting exchange but has successfully branched out into poker and is now founded. PKR has performed better although many have suggested that PKR and its 3d client will not work. Even with the advanced 3D graphics that reduce the number of tables a player can play to by 4, PKR is climbing the ranks and seems to have a bright future ahead. Other sites have tried to compete with PKR for 3d poker market share but failed simply because PKR’s 3D interface is really good.

Poker though I believe is here to stay and although we believe it will lose more sites over the years. Our 2009 will be left with some network packed with players for years to come!

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