Online Cockfighting Terms

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Online Cockfighting Terms – When you make the decision to have a cockfighting match online, of course, you will get a lot of difference compared to in person. For players who have the habit of making bets immediately when trying to play online, it will certainly be complicated and complicated. This is because they do not have the habit of playing online games. pengeluaran togel.

But if you try to be patient and learn online cockfighting matches, you will get a lot of advantages. The advantage of online cockfighting is greater especially you no longer need to heat up. This is what triggers many cockfighting players to immediately switch to online cockfighting.

But in online cockfighting matches, you will get a lot of new meanings that need to be understood. Most of the terms used in foreign languages ​​are often difficult to understand. For this reason, below will explain some of the meanings that are commonly used too simply to make it easier to understand.

Online Cockfighting Terms


In cockfighting gambling games, there are several meanings that need to be understood. All of this has a purpose to make it easier for you to make bets. One meaning that is always used in cockfighting is banker. Banker is the choice of chickens that will be pitted against red. prediksi wla.


If the banker is a red chicken, then the player is a blue chicken. The existence of these two options is to make it easier for you to choose the chicken to be pitted in a cockfighting match. You can choose between banker or player when placing a bet. mbah semar.


In a cockfighting match you will get the meaning of draw. What is meant by a draw is that both chickens die even though the match has not ended. No player wins or loses. Then all bets will be refunded without any deduction.


One of the meanings that you will often find in online cockfighting gambling is FTD. Full Time Draw is an atmosphere where while it has run out, which is 10 minutes but no chicken dies. In an atmosphere like this, the match is declared over with the result that all players lose.

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