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MIX PARLAY WINNING FORMULA – It must be known by many people how this parlay game provides big profits. Where the opportunities presented are able to give you many of the best opportunities to become rich. And this time to make it easier for you to achieve big wins, then please understand how to win parlay gambling as well as how to calculate the win. As long as you play on the online soccer gambling website, the benefits of these winning tips can be immediately proven! prediksi togel jitu


Calculating the parlay win depends on the results of the teams at stake in one package. Where the results find out that everyone wins, some loses half, draws one team/game, loses by half, loses a quarter, and so on. keluaran data togel.

Method for calculating the Parlay Betting Exchange on the Official Soccer Gambling Site

In order to fully understand this, then please check the truth below from the example that is easily understood below:

Full Win Parlay

For example, you bet in a 100K parlay package, and by entering more than one choice of matches as follows:

  • MU vs M City = 2.21 odds and full win
  • Even Angers vs Monpellier = 2.56 and full win
  • Barcelona vs Madrid = 1.2 and full win
  • Then the result of the payment you receive can be calculated with the full parlay win formula as follows. (2.21 x 2.56 x 1.2) -1 = 5,78912 x 100,000 = 578,912 this is your payout.

Lose Half Parlay

For example, you bet with a nominal value of 50k bet, with the calculation of the victory can be done using the following formula:

  • The team that wins half the odds is calculated using the formula [(odds -1) / 2 = + 1.
  • Suppose the team’s odds of winning are half 2.34 then calculate it with the result (2.34 -1) : 2 = 0.67 + 1 = 1.67
  • Then it is multiplied by the total winning odds value, after that it is reduced by 1 odds point and multiplied by the number of bets placed.
  • It’s easy isn’t it? Don’t forget to use bets on the best online soccer betting sites.

And there are still many other repeats, but the system is always the same. That is, if one team draws, then the team that draws the odds can change to 1 odds. If one of the teams in the parlay package loses half, then the odds of the team that loses in the following half can be changed to the divisor of (: 2) for all total win odds in full. It’s very easy to memorize this parlay calculation formula, play it completely on this Official Soccer Gambling Site. data sydney.

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