Main Types of Blackjack Side Bet

Main Types of Blackjack Side Bet – While we are not obligated to place blackjack side bets unless we don’t want to, they are generally considered a necessary part of the game.

Oftentimes, the very common side betting opportunities are marked with understanding on the table or shown in the layout unless we are playing online. The three main types of blackjack side bets are:

Main Types of Blackjack Side Bet


Perhaps the most common of the three main types of blackjack side bets. Insurance bets are there for us as a help unless the dealer’s face up is an ace and involves 1/2 of your original bet for the round. Prediksi Togel Bulgaria

If it turns out that the dealer has blackjack, you are paid 2:1.

While some players are happy to take insurance bets, many others view it as an unnecessary choice that does not add a lot of value.

To go into detail, insurance bets can be helpful unless you count the cards and reasonably trust that you know how many ten-point cards could potentially turn up.

On the other hand, insurance bets significantly increase your edge, so you shouldn’t use them too often. In single-deck blackjack, the house edge for insurance bets is just under six percent. In multi-deck blackjack, this can increase to 7.5%.

The perfect couple
The Perfect Pair bet is a simple side bet that only involves your cards. This pays out for each pair on our first two cards dealt.

Complete versions of Perfect Pairs cannot be found in single-deck blackjack, as two decks are required to add the option of having two cards of the same rank and suit. Depending on which hand we have you can expect:

Perfect Pair – Pays 25:1 for two of the same cards of the same value.
Colored Pair – Pays 12:1 for two cards of the same value and color, but of a different suit.
Mixed Pair – Pays 5:1 for two cards of the same value.
21+3 is arguably the most challenging blackjack side bet to keep track of. This is because the result is determined by combining your two cards with the dealer’s face card.

The house edge is concerned with the number of decks of cards used and can range from six percent to nearly nine percent. Here are all the different card combinations paid out by the 21+3 side bet:

Suited Triple – Three of the same card combination, paying 100:1.
Straight Flush – Three cards of the same suit in succession, dealing 40:1.
Three of a Kind – All three cards have the same numerical value but are not of the same suit. Pay 30:1.
Straight – Three cards in a row but not in the same suite. Pay 10:1.
Flush – Pays 5:1 unless all three cards are of the same suit.

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