LEARN HOW TO PLAY CASINO DICE – The lay bet is for 7 against your no (i.e. 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10). The payoff is based on the actual odds. This is as opposed to a Buy bet as the Don’t Pass line is against it. If you put a 10, you can want a 7-show run before 10. However, unless 10 is purchased, you will get a 10-show run before 10.


Lay bets have the same vig as Buy bets, but are based on the number of wins and not the amount of the bet. Let’s say you place 4 bets for $100. Your winning Lay $100 bet will pay out $50. A $50 win is a vig, and not a $100. Therefore, vig is $2 ($50 x 5.5% = $2.50 rounded down at $2), instead $5 ($100 x 5% = $5). Data Sgp

Lay bets are often called “No” bets. Imagine your Bank of North Sumatra gambling agent playing for three hours without 5 shows. You understand that you are in for an unusual and abnormal blip in the distribution. The number 5 would not appear no matter how hard the god of dice tried. You decide to seize the profit from this anomaly and drop $75 in the Come Box.

The dealer will then ask you for No. 5. The dealer places your chip in the 5-point box, and then adds the LAY button up. Lay bets can be placed in the same area as Don’t come with Odds. The shooter rolls the number 7 and the number 5 does not appear. Lay $75 bet you will win $50. The odds of actually winning $50 are 2:3. That is, $75 divided by 3 = $25. Multiply by 2 = $50. Your winnings will also be subject to 5% vig. The dealer will give you two $25 chips and want $48. You just have to put two $1 chips in the Come box, and after that you can confiscate your two $25 chips.

Lay bets work on the outcome of the new game, unlike Buy bets. You can turn it on and off whenever you want. Players will often let their Lay bets open and feel like they are working towards a roll out. This is because they have a house advantage (i.e. there is always more chance of making a 7, than any other point number). The second reason is that everyone wants the number 7 on their pop up list. Most people play Pass Line so 7 is a win for them. A 7 will be inevitable with all the positive mojo at this table. So leave your Lay bets open for new games. You shouldn’t leave your Lay bet while it’s out, but because you have the house advantage. Pengeluaran Bullseye

You now know what to do! You now know how to play casino dice correctly.

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