Knowing Your Bet

Knowing Your Bet – If you are new to betting, the number of different bets available can be too confusing. Lucky 15, Yankee Trixie… what exactly are they? prediksi togel

We will explain some of the more popular bets and hopefully after reading this article you will understand what a deposit slot is and how many bets they cover.

Knowing Your Bet


The most popular bet where you place your bet on one selection and it must win so that you get a return.


In fact these are two bets. Half of your bet goes to your selections to win and the other half on selections to place. If your selection wins, you get the profit from your winning bet plus the profit from your local bet. If your selection is in second chronological order, then your winning bet has lost, but you will still receive a win on your Place bet. live draw taiwan


This is where you trigger two selections to win the respective event. If only one of your selections wins, then your bet loses and you win nothing. If both selections win, then your return is calculated by taking your first-choice chance, increasing your original bet and multiplying it by your second-choice chance.

Doubles include being able to get support on Every/way and count as two separate bets – win double and each/way double. prediksi wla


When you bet 3 or more selections in different races or events, this is an accumulator. Bets can be individual/way or win and returns are calculated the same as doubles, but after that you keep multiplying. Each selection must be won or placed so that you get a return.


This bet consists of three doubles and one treble.


Same as TRIXIE but single bets included are included. 7 bets in total.


4 options consist of Double, treble and 4-fold accumulator. Bet amount 11.


4 options Same as Yankee, but with single included. Bet amount 15.


This bet consists of 5 selections, with 4-fold treble Doubles and 5-fold accumulator fully covered. 26 bets in total.


Consists of 6 selections, double full cover, treble and all accumulators.31 bets

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