IS THERE CHEATING IN ONLINE POKER – At the leading poker sites, cheating at online poker is unheard of. However, there is an isolated issue of cheating on poker sites that were not quite as reputable in the past. One notable issue is the Ultimate Bet cheating scandal which has seriously damaged the reputation of online poker. Data Sgp

Fortunately, the problem of cheating in online poker is very rare. Until this gacor slot, there has not been a single cheating issue that has occurred on the main online poker sites. Cheating will be very difficult to eliminate because every hand is tracked by poker players with statistical tracking software.


If there’s an issue with players winning more than they should (as was the case at Ultimate Bet a few years ago), the winrate will be recorded and will stick out like a sore thumb. In fact, that’s how cheaters in Ultimate Bet were caught in the first place. Pengeluaran Bullseye

However, overall, online poker is as safe as it gets. I have been playing online poker for years and made thousands of dollars since I started and have not been ripped off once. I always play fair game, my withdrawals are always paid and my career is progressing as I expected.

Sure, I’ve received a lot of bad beats over the years, but I’ve never been a victim of cheating. The chances of being cheated on the major online poker sites are basically nil.

But What About Collusion?

When people hear that I’m a professional online poker player, they always ask me, “Well, can’t a group of people just play at the same table and talk to each other over the phone and trick you out of your money? ?”

Sure, people can do that, but it’s not going to get them anywhere. First of all, every major poker website is enhanced along with security software that automatically scans every hand played at the table and detects any signs of suspicious betting patterns…

For example, if one person is dealt KK and his friend is dealt AA, and the person with KK folded without even putting a dime in the pot, the software will mark that hand for review by a live security expert.

But even if that wasn’t the case, I wouldn’t worry about online collusion. What’s the worst thing some guy can say on the phone to me? What exactly will they reach together by knowing each other’s hands? I think if they are good they can save a little money by folding when the others have strong hands.

People who are skilled enough to make money through collusion don’t have to collude in the first place! They can make more money on their own without having to pay a second evil partner. Collusion is a stupid idea and the only time it will be a factor is in high-stakes games where the player pool is too small. Even so, it will appear to know if there are people who colluded.


Overall, cheating in online poker doesn’t concern me. I have recorded hundreds of thousands of hands on the table and not once have I seen a suspicious pattern. The same can be said for every other online poker player as well. If there is a cheating issue that occurs, the entire poker community will cause a lot of commotion.

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