Introduction to Handicap Football Gambling

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Introduction to Handicap Football Gambling – Football betting with a fake process is very crowded. That’s because it’s because of the excitement rather than betting by guessing the usual team wins. It could also be in a match featuring a big team against a small team. And of course none of your betting friends or opponents chooses the small team. So, with this fraudulent process, it can make any game possible to bet on. Well, if you want to play gambling like this, then find a handicap game on the best soccer dealer website. data china.

Introduction to Handicap Football Gambling

This handicap game is usually called HDP in the online world. Which is a fictitious process in the world of online soccer gambling. So in a match, bettors must choose the team that gives pur or which does not. For example, in the match between Ajax and Chelsea. In this match, it is certain that Chelsea will win it. And on soccer gambling sites, this pur is called voor.

The Best Voor Count on the Trusted Soccer Slot Gambling Site

Voor or the score balancing value in online soccer gambling can be chosen by players of various kinds. In the Asian handicap, the following voor values ​​are applied. hasil data togel.

0 = voor 0 goals (no one is voor)
0-0.5 = voor 1/4 goal
50 = voor half goal
5-1 = voor 3/4 goals
0 = voor 1 goal
1-1.5 = voor 1 1/4 goals
50 = voor 1 half goal
5-2 = voor 1 3/4 goals
And on it again.

In the betting table, it can show the team whose writing is red, meaning that he gave the voor. And when you choose the voor value, there can be an odds value as a multiplication of the winning prize. Examples are with odds 1.05, 1.17 and others. But if there are odds that contain a min sign (-) it means that there is a key value or tax. For example is -1.05, -1.17 and so on. For example, the calculation is as follows:


For example, you choose Chelsea with a bet value of 50,000. Which Chelsea gave a voor with an odds value of 1.09. So if you win the prize is 1.09 x 50 thousand = 54,500. But if you lose, the result is only 50 thousand. Paito Warna Terlengkap.


For example, you are Ajax (opposite team) with a bet value of 50 thousand at an odds key of -1.20. Then your loss is -1.20 x 50,000 = -60,000. But if Ajax wins with that voor, then you can always get 50 thousand from the soccer slot gambling agent.

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