Increase in Gambling Addiction Caused by COVID-19

Increase in Gambling Addiction Caused by COVID-19 – Gambling addiction is a mental disorder in which you cannot control your behavior and stop gambling even when you realize that it is negatively affecting your health and well-being. Just as a person infected with a substance cannot stop using it, gamblers cannot stop playing. Gambling addiction also has similarities to impulse control disorders such as kleptomania or pyromania. live draw china tercepat.

According to statistics, only the UK has around 600,000 gamblers dealing with addiction. Data indicates that more than 2% of players in the United States have certain types of gambling infections. This is a growing problem that should not be taken lightly. That is why it is so important to identify the problem in time and take the necessary steps to resolve it. data togel terbaru.

Increase in Gambling Addiction Caused by COVID-19

What are the Main Types of Gambling Addiction?

Scientists recognize three different types of gambling infections, and not all of them exhibit the same phenomenon.

Here is an overview of the most common types of infection:

Compulsive gambler – a person who cannot stop playing or thinking about gambling. They will look for opportunities to play, even if their finances are low. Compulsive players don’t care about the consequences, but only about gambling. That is why we often call them pathological gamblers, and that is a very severe form of gambling disease.

Party gamblers – players who act normally, but once they start gambling, they can’t stop. It seems they have everything under control until they start playing. Once they place their first bet or buy a lottery ticket online, they can’t stop. Binge gamblers don’t have to play every day to get addicted.

Problem gambler – someone who does not exhibit the phenomenon of compulsive gambling, yet playing still provokes their quality of life. They may lie to their partner about playing, or end up losing more than expected. Problem gamblers can evaluate binge-watching and compulsive players.

Is Gambling Addiction a Serious Problem?

Yes, gambling infections are a serious problem, and it is imperative to address them as soon as possible. It is very important not to push the infection problem under the carpet as that can make it worse. lomba vegas group.

Gambling addiction can significantly affect the quality of life of gamblers, as well as their families, partners and friends. That is why you must give your best to recognize the symptoms immediately, especially in the case of compulsive gambling.

It is difficult to say how many gamblers have an addictive form because many of them use self-help options to deal with the problem. Experts believe that 2-3% of all players deal with some form of addiction.

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