How to Calculate the 1X2 Football Gambling Market

How to Calculate the 1X2 Football Gambling Market for Sportbook Games Of course beginners who just want to play think what 1X2 is. Isn’t that right? Here we will tell you what a 1X2 bet is and how to calculate the correct 1X2 Market. If players or beginners want to try playing this 1X2 market, at first you must first understand what the betting style is. Because this is very important if you want to start playing soccer betting on this one.

The 1X2 style bet consists of 1, X and 2 each having a name, namely 1 home (host), X draw (draw) and 2 away (opposite team). You can choose and bet on the 3 bets. This 1X2 game is very easy for us to play, because you just have to choose a bet and then if you win it will be calculated from the odds in the match you bet. keluaran china.

Many beginners who are new to this soccer market try to play in 1 × 2 bets, not only light, this game is also challenging because it has reasonable and large payouts. Where in this gambling agent you will get various facilities such as creating a game account, then we will start to discuss how to calculate the 1×2 market, so that bettors can play more easily and be able to choose the team they want to install wisely.

How to Calculate the 1X2 Football Gambling Market

If you already understand the meaning of 1X2, we will continue to talk to you about how to calculate the 1X2 Market. This calculation is also too easy, you only have to calculate your total bet with the odds written in the match.

In this 1 X 2 game, you only have to choose one bet from the 1 X 2 option. For example, if team 1 has odds (1.20), X odds (1.30) and 2 odds (1.40) you can choose and predict which team will win. will win or draw. keluaran togel hari ini.

Then here we will explain in more detail and will provide additional steps to calculate the 1×2 Market which is more understandable for gamblers or beginners. It’s like this:

1 ( 1.20 ) team 1

If you choose team 1 in the match with odds applied 1.20, it means that the calculation you bet is if you bet 100 thousand with odds 1.20.

Then the step is to calculate the 1×2 market and your win is like this if you bet 100 thousand on team 1 with 1.20 odds then win. Then your winnings are calculated as 100,000 X 1.20 = 120,000 + 100,000 capital so 220,000. (Net win value of 120,000)

X ( 1.30 ) draw

For this one bet, you must choose a draw (draw) in the match between team 1 and team 2, then the steps for calculating the 1×2 market victory with an odds value of 1.30 are very light, just like the calculation of team 1.

If you put your capital of 100 thousand and then win in a draw bet with an odds value of 1.30, then your calculation of victory is 100,000 X 1.30 = 130,000 + capital becomes 230,000. (Net win value is 130,000). syair mbah semar.

2 ( 1.40 ) team 2

This last type of bet, the calculation is the same as team 1 and draw. The difference is only the odds count. Of course, if you buy or bet on team 2 with an odds value of 1.40 of 100 thousand.

Then the number of your wins if you win will be calculated like 100,000 X 1.40 = 140,000 + 100,000 capital so 240,000. Then your net profit value is 140,000.

That’s an explanation of how to calculate the 1×2 market properly and correctly that you really need to learn, then we will also share more than one tips for playing this bet so that you can get big profits easily.

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