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Eelis Pärssinen's Tricks to Build a Good Poker Bankroll

Eelis Pärssinen’s Tricks to Build a Good Poker Bankroll

Eelis Pärssinen’s Tricks to Build a Good Poker Bankroll – Eelis Pärssinen was recognized by a wider poker audience this summer by winning the PLO Poker Masters Online Series at partypoker. The series consists of 14 events where Eelis makes money in six different tournaments. Eelis is an Omaha specialist from Finland and has been playing the highest stakes online for over a year now. data Sdy.

Eelis currently plays as Team Pro at BeastsOfPoker, a group of professional poker players from Finland. He’s known as a solid player who builds in a ton of volume. In this post we are going to review the different phases of the poker career that Eelis had around this time and how she managed to build the money that allowed her to live a great lifestyle & play the highest stakes online.

Eelis Pärssinen’s Tricks to Build a Good Poker Bankroll

Eelis started his poker career after watching more than one WPT broadcast on TV. He includes watching one of his friends play NL2k online and getting more than one tip from him. Eelis starts from freerolls and small cash games playing No-Limit Holdem. He didn’t succeed immediately, but gradually rose to bigger stakes.

Back in those days, Eelis noticed that you could earn a lot of extra cash from various promotions and rakeback. That’s what he did, playing as many NLHE midstakes as possible. This allowed him to build a good bankroll to afterwards make the transition to Omaha which has a higher variance than Holdem. keluaran togel hari ini.

New favorite for Eelis: the great game Pot-Limit Omaha

One night in early 2010 will continue to work on the direction of Eelis’ career. He watched fellow Finns strive for big pots at Full Tilt Poker, which was the go-to site for PLO nosebleed players in those days. Eelis considered pursuing the PLO and never looked back.

He started out playing small stakes PLO, but in just over a year he has earned his Supernova Elite status twice in a row on PokerStars. Soon he was playing the highest stakes available online.

Key ingredients for success: Volume and experience

Eelis has done well in the NLHE tournament even though PLO is the main game. He had more than one run inside and a late table solution from Sunday’s majors. You could say he is one of the most experienced online players in the PLO. Millions of hands in her ponytail, Eelis can’t be surprised by almost any situation she faces in poker.

Talent alone is not enough to reach the top of online poker. Eelis has spent hours, learning various cash game and tournament tips and still digging for a profitable game. prediksi togel terpercaya.

Achievements & anecdotes

• Pärssinen is a two-time Supernova Elite on PokerStars
• In spring 2020 Pärssinen won the PLO Poker Masters Online Series at partypoker by cashing in over $730,000
• He represents Team BeastsOfPoker
• As a competitive person, Eelis likes to play tennis and golf in her spare time

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