Articles About Responsible Gambling

Advertisements for online gambling and betting tell us to “gambling responsibly”. But what does this mean in reality? And how can you Responsible Gambling when other bets are just a click or swipe away?

64% of Australian adults gamble at least once a year, with a third of gamblers participating in some form of gambling. Lotteries were the most common form of gambling among those who gamble regularly (76%), followed by instant scratch tickets (22%) and electronic gaming machines (or “pokies”, nearly 21%). data togel.

Up to 160,000 Australians experience a significant case of gambling, and up to another 350,000 experience a moderate risk that makes them vulnerable to developing a gambling case.

Articles About Responsible Gambling

In the last 15 years or so, there has been an increase in online gambling. While online betting rates for Australians are low compared to traditional forms of gambling, participation in online gambling appears to be increasing rapidly. 5 bandar togel terpercaya.

If this continues, online gambling will immediately overtake traditional on-site gambling, especially for young people.

About one young person in every 25 has a case with gambling, which is usually one in every high school class. Up to one in five bets on sports events and one in ten bets online.

Young people exposed to gambling while watching sports

Advertising for online gambling and betting is very common in Australian sports. Despite recent changes to suit when and how gambling is advertised during sports events, there is still a big arrival. lomba vegas group.

In fact, three in four children aged eight to 16 who watch sports can account for at least one betting company.

A public health campaign, “Love the Game, Not the Odds”, was released to tackle the case of reducing youth’s exposure to sports betting.

It aims to dispel the notion that gambling is a normal part of the sport and being a spectator. And it aims to support starting and facilitating conversations with children and youth about gambling which does not have to be an integral part of the game.

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