5 Richest Gambling Players In The World

5 Richest Gambling Players In The WorldPlaying online gambling games is an activity that is already used by many people. All these betting game players are available from various walks of life, from young to old playing this game to earn big profits. The online bookie game itself in Indonesia at this time can be said to have more fans than offline gambling. Previously, you could list trusted online slots in Indonesia. The reason is that online betting has more advantages when compared to offline, both from profit, convenience, and other excess factors.

For example, the players of this online betting game can freely place bets according to their request, with this, the player’s chances of winning the game are much greater. Not only that, there are so many stories from online bettors who have won hundreds of millions and even billions of rupiah. data baru pengeluaran hongkong.

5 Richest Gambling Players In The World

Of course, with subsequent wins, many people are jealous, so they want to feel for themselves the benefits and wins that come from playing online gambling agents. But to win the game, of course, requires skills and techniques that must be mastered to maximize the victory that will be achieved. live draw sd.

The real advantages of playing online gambling games have been proven by more than one person who is famous in the world of gambling. Here is a list of the richest gamblers in the world.

Chris Feguson (25 Million USD)

Chris Feguson has managed to make a fortune from playing online gambling reaching USD 25 million. With such an amount of wealth, of course, including very much for the size of online betting wins. This man from California has extraordinary gambling skills. Chris mastered so many games that he was able to put money together just by gambling. The gambling that Chris Feguson usually plays is an online soccer gambling that is known all over the world, from Chris’ conversation he played on an online gambling link that has been trusted and is no longer in doubt, if you win a lot, the web will definitely pay for it. the site. 5 bandar togel terpercaya.

Erik Seidel (41 Million USD)

Erik Seidel managed to get a wealth of up to 41 Million US Dollars just by playing Sbobet88 online gambling. Erik is known by many as a genius poker player because Seidel can win every game he plays.

Phil Ivey (100 Million USD)

The richest gambler in the world after that is Phil Ivey. Phil managed to unite the wealth from online betting which reached 100 Million US Dollars. He is a professional gambler who has won 10 “World Series of Poker” awards, and there are many repeated awards won by this professional poker player born in California, United States of America.

Sam Farha (100 Million USD)

Next, the richest online gambler in the world is Sam Farha, a man born in Beirut, Lebanon, who has been playing gambling since the 90s. Farha managed to create luck while playing poker and because of that, she was able to become a famous professional IDN Poker player. Sam Farha also won 2nd place in the “World Series of Poker” event in 2003 because he was defeated by Chris MoneyMaker. Quoted from Wikipedia Sam Farha is estimated to have a wealth of 100 million US dollars, Farha is also known by many as an ingenious entrepreneur.

Dan Bilzerian (150 Million USD)

The last person to enter the list of the richest online gambling players in the world is Dan Bilzerian. He managed to get a fortune that he could enjoy from the results of playing online card gambling with an amazing amount of 150 million USD. And Bilzerian is known as a pro player who has won many poker games.

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