This Place Was Formerly a Gambling Center

This Place Was Formerly a Gambling Center, but now it has become a dead city. Not far from the Singapore airport, Batam airport is one of the relatively free airports in Indonesia. An example is the presence of many gambling establishments. Previously, Marina City was one of the most popular gambling locations in the city of Batam. There are many classical European style buildings visited by both domestic and foreign tourists.

Marina Harbor which has the appearance of the gadang house is always crowded. Every hour only commerce came. In general, from neighboring Singapore. There are also those who come from the capital city of DKI Jakarta. These immigrants came with a lot of money. Whenever they are willing to bet their fate to gamble. Therefore, Marina’s economic advantages are also growing. data togel

“At that time, the city of Batam was very crowded. Many people became rich. In fact, taxi drivers in Batam are only allowed to buy four-wheeled vehicles, said Ardianto. He is a native person who was born in the city of Batam. According to Ardianto, if there is a gambling winner, generally Batam residents themselves. There is no certainty that today’s winner will be a Jakartan who won a lot tomorrow may become a Singaporean.

But at this time the state and circumstances as seen before will no longer be seen and felt again. Gambling is dead. The sheer kingdom led by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono does not allow gambling to operate in Indonesia anymore. Marina City City in Batam has drastically turned into a city of death.

As is known if the building complex at the time of prime. It was so glittering and now the gambling center turned into darkness. There was only a nightlight in the cubicle where he lived. At this time it is a place for foreigners here. Such as subsidized puri puri. Dull walls don’t last. Irregular clothing line. Downstairs is now used as a small bar in a small plot of not-so-bright light. Some places become beauty salons where there is no sense of high class.

This Place Was Formerly a Gambling Center

Now visions can only be seen there. There were some women wearing sexy clothes watching them play billiards. There were some Europeans as well as Americans. Sitting drinking a bottle of beer watching it. This area was once an elite place and gambling center in the city of Batam.

Now you can say a cheap open center bar. Saw there are some bars even out of business because there are no visitors who come there. Because he could not accommodate the operating costs, the bar was closed. Hardwood floors have also been thirsty with time. The roof covering the interior of the building has also been lost in heavy rains. 5 bandar togel terpercaya

Not only that, the Marina port next door also shows almost no signs of life. Actually there are still 1 or 2 ferries ready there. But very rarely seen through either accompanying people or voting people. Sometimes only a few horns can be heard and slowly the large capacity land ferries leave the port.

The gloomy conditions can also be felt on the beach close to the Marina port. When the sun goes down, it turns out how many young couples stop by using two-wheeled vehicles or four-wheeled vehicles. They rest there when the wind blows.

But it is unique that on New Year’s Eve it will be crowded. But it can’t be denied that billions of rupiahs of money are being spent from gambling sites and activities there. So it makes this place almost lifeless. The only lively area is the Waterfront. which until now is still the main destination for many domestic and foreign travelers who stay at Holiday Inn and Harris Hotels.

At this time, gambling activity has shifted to Singapore. Right in the Marina Bay location where the whole world almost knew he was there. At this time it is one of the largest gambling venues with high standards.

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